Special promotion of Venue, Lodge and Lodge Activities

The HKFYG Leadership Institute
Secondary School Students
University Students
Young Executives

Details of the promotion

From now on to 31/3/2021, we offer the following discounts to our service users to experience the historic sites, new lodge and lodge activities.

    1. 50% off for Lodge Booking, (More details can be referred to: https://leadershipinstitute.hk/lodge)

First 2 nights of the stay once per month.

    1. Discount on Lodge Activities: (List of Lodge Activities will be provided upon successful lodge application. More details can be referred to: https://leadershipinstitute.hk/lodge)

Up to 50% or maximum $100 per head (whichever is lower).

    1. 50% off for Venue Booking in Training Block: (More details can be referred to: https://leadershipinstitute.hk/content/facilities)

                      With the ceiling up to HK$5,000 per day.

If there are any enquiries about the promotion, please contact us by telephone 2169 0255 or email info@leadershipinstitute.hk.