"Hong Kong 200" Leadership Project

Leadership Institute
Secondary School Students
S.4 - S.6

Have you ever imagined... what kind of talents the future world needs?

World Economic Forum (WEF) proposes 10 "Future Skills", including complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management, coordinating skills, emotional intelligence, judgement and decision making, service orientation, negotiation and cognitive flexibility. 

The "Hong Kong 200" Leadership Project is one of the key programmes of “HSBC Future Skills Development Project”. It provides a comprehensive, professional and forward-looking leadership training experience for secondary school students with outstanding potential to meet future challenges, in order to help them to shoulder the task of promoting social development. The Project emphasises the learning experience for students, and encourages students to try and promote social progress. "Leadership Guiding Programme" will be first introduced to consolidate student leadership foundation. The training content covers various social issues, focusing on the relationship between individuals and society and the connection between the present and the future.

HK200 Features:

  • Tradition and Future: Cultivate generic leadership skills and futuristic thinking
  • Diversified Training: Experiential learning, social practice, overseas exchange and internship experience
  • Flexible Training: Enhance leadership skills flexibly through compulsory and optional training
  • Extensive Network: Gather over 2,600 young leaders and attract student leaders from 85% of schools
  • Value Creation: Cultivate commitment to service and to the community
  • Professional Guidance: Connect social leaders to be our trainers and speakers


Team Building

Skill Labs

Social Experience

Overseas Study

28 Oct


Early Dec

Meeting with
Selection Panel



Dec 2020 -Jun ​​​​​​​2021

Training (Elective)

Jul - Aug

Project for
Hong Kong

Sep 2021 -
Aug 2022



Be in Form 4 or above enrolled as full-time students in Hong Kong secondary schools (2020/2021 school year)

Be current or former holders of leadership positions at their schools (Including Head Prefects, Prefects, Presidents and other Office Bearers of Student Unions, Chairpersons and other Office Bearers of Clubs or Societies, and Captains and other Office Bearers of Houses)

Demonstrate a commitment to serve the community

Demonstrate good conduct and outstanding academic / extra-curricular performance and / or are award recipients

Demonstrate good language proficiency and communication skill

Be recommended by their school principal (The number of students that can be recommended by schools is unlimited, however, no more than 5 students from each school will be selected as participants) / Apply through self nomination