The HKFYG Leadership Institute
Secondary School Students

FinTech未來領袖夏令營 (FinTech Leaders Summer Camp)

簡介 Introduction


The Fintech Future Leaders Summer Camp is a unique opportunity to gain insights of both financial services and the plethora of ways that technology is overhauling the industry.  Participants will develop a deep appreciation for FinTech, visit amazing Fintech companies who are changing the world, get hands-on experience with technology workshops to see how things work under the hood, and even come up with own ideas about how emergent technology can be used to solve all sorts of problems.  Beyond these wonderful learning opportunities, participants will enrich themselves through working on an exciting pitch event throughout the camp with peers, where they will develop soft skills such as teamwork, communication, persuasion and presentation.

夏令營特色 Programme Highlights

夏令營詳情 Programme Details

日期                                         2021年7月20日(星期二)至2021年7月24日(星期六)

Date                                        20 July 2021 (Tuesday) - 24 July 2021 (Saturday)

費用                                          $5,200

Programme Fee                  $5,200

截止報名日期                        2021年7月4日 (星期日)

Application Deadline        4 July 2021 (Sunday) 

報名資格                                 升中四至升中六或升Y.10至Y.13學生

Eligibility                               Students Promoting to S.4 - S.6/ Y.10 - Y.13


                                                  Interested in Business and Technology


                                                  with Leadership Potential

報名表格 Application Form

個人申請表格 Individual Application Form:

團體申請表格上載連結 Group Application Form Upload:

(團體申請表格的Excel Format請於以下連結下載 Download link for Group Application Form in Excel Format:

獎學金/學費資助 Scholarship/Financial Aid


We offer Scholarship/Financial Aid for Fintech Future Leaders Summer Camp.

獎學金申請 Scholarship Application


Scholarship Applicant must be nominated by school teachers and attend interviews.  Successful Applicants will have $750 Scholarship.  Nomination form can be downloaded from the following link: and can be submitted via

學費資助申請 Financial Aid Application

學費資助申請人則需要提供學校書簿津貼資助或綜合保障社會援助計劃之書面證明文件。學院會根據每個申請個案處理學費資助的申請 (學費資助只適用於活動報名費用)。成功申請者將會獲得$2,000學費資助。

The Applicant must provide written proof of School Textbook Assistance Scheme and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme. The Organiser will grant subsidies on a case by case basis (subsidies only limited to the programme fees). Successful Applicant will have $2,000 subsidy of the programme fee.


Application details and conditions please refer to Individual Application Form.