The HKFYG Leadership Institute

The HKFYG Leadership Institute (the Institute) is dedicated to creating a new generation of leaders for Hong Kong, with 200,000 having been trained since 2000.

The Institute provides diverse training and exchange programmes to broaden the horizons of young people, while also offering opportunities and platforms for them to meet established, renowned and distinguished leaders who speak and share their stories from different perspectives and industries. The Institute's leadership provision credentials are further strengthened by the numerous tailor-made external programmes the Institute sets up for various government bureaux, tertiary institutions and private corporations.

Built upon years of foundation, the Institute offers training for young people from senior primary schools to tertiary institutions to those in the workplace in four main themes, namely Resilient Leadership, Service Leadership, Sustainable Leadership, and Communicative and Collaborative Leadership. Young leaders will be engaged and involved in high-quality programmes, intercultural exchanges and hands-on experiences to enhance their personal attributes, civic awareness, sense of responsibility, and service mindset locally, nationally and globally.

The Institute is located in the Northern Metropolis, serving as a new engine for Hong Kong's future growth. It is situated in the historic Former Fanling Magistracy, revitalised under “Batch III of Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme”. The premises seamlessly blends heritage with technology, which features a Digital Debate & Speaking Chamber, multifunction rooms fashioned from converted jail cells, common areas and a restaurant, offering a variety of multifunctional facilities for rent, making it an ideal venue for seminars; product-launch events; education, start-up and training activities; as well as filming. The Institute allows flexible arrangements and layouts to accommodate the optimal setting for different needs.

In addition, a brand-new two-storey Lodge, along with the high-altitude rope course to be completed in the middle of 2024, offers a wide range of training camps, including leadership training, life experiences, and adventure activities. The Lodge can accommodate 85 local and visiting lecturers and participants, providing opportunities for participants to develop closer ties and cross-cultural competence as they live, work and study together.

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To ensure that Hong Kong can draw upon a talented pool of competent and committed young leaders, ready and able to serve


Will build on pioneering leadership training, through theory and practice. Young leaders will be engaged, stimulated and involved in high quality programmes, inter-cultural exchanges and hands on experiences to enhance intellect and civic mindedness, responsibility and service: locally, nationally and globally


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