(1.5 hour per theme / HK$160 per person per session /
  min. 20 ppl for school application)

Practice and evaluate the leadership skills required for leadership positions within school context through real-time online interactive skill lab.

Participants completing I-Check and 3 I-Lab/I-Team or more with good performance will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.

Individual application is available for all I-Labs.

Theme I: Leadership Vision
Learn how to form the vision and mission of individuals and teams.

Theme II: Communication Skills
Learn the basic theories of effective communication, related skills and principles.

Theme III: Time Management
Learn time management methods and achieve effective use of time through prior planning.

Theme IV: Promotional Strategies
Learn promotional strategies for activities.

Theme V: Social Issues
Understand attitudes and methods for exploring social issues, such as, defining social issues and social research methods.

ThemeVI: Wellness Lifestyle
To learn wellness and mindfulness mindset.