Sustainability & Global Leadership

We engage youths in sustainability and global leadership to foster a sense of responsibility, citizenship and a connection to our society and the natural world. We enable youths to see Hong Kong and the Mainland China within the wider context of international issues by facilitating quality conversations with global leaders.
Inspired to create a pipeline of future leaders who are well-versed in sustainable practices, policies and technologies, we empower youths to become advocates for a greener and more sustainable world by providing diversified training programmes and opportunities. Join us in building a more sustainable future for our future leaders across the globe who will drive positive changes for generations to come.

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Global Leaders from 30 Countries and Regions since 2016 are invited

Featured Programmes

''Embracing a Low-carbon World'' Leadership Programme

This Programme aims to facilitate strategic exchanges between young people in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area about low carbon living, sustainable development and ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance). 

Upskilling for a Greener Future Project 

This Project includes immersive workshops, hands-on training, and strategic collaborations with industry leaders, students gain invaluable insights into the burgeoning field of sustainability and unlock a myriad of promising job opportunities.

Leaders Foundation Programme

The programme aims to nurture local students with the knowledge, ability and values as global citizens to overcome regional and international challenges and serve the community. Activities include a mix of live webinars and self-paced learning with quizzes. ​​​​​​​

Upcoming Programmes

Pre-University Pilot programme

In response to the rapid rise in demands for global leadership underlined by the COVID-19 pandemic, a brand new series of the Global Speaker Programme joins forces with CUHK Global Studies Programme to nurture our future young global leaders by cultivating a global mindset, gaining a deeper understanding of global issues and harnessing connection to the world beyond borders through different learning modes while meeting the international teaching professionals of CUHK. 

​​​​​​​Summer School for Global Leadership

This intensive summer education programme aims to create a culturally diverse learning environment for the participants and therefore to present them the best learning experience. It offers a unique curriculum combining “Exclusive Visits” to corporates, start-ups and the community, and “Interactive Workshops” that address a range of global issues.

Our Partners/Alumni

Cynthia Lam

Overseas Apprentice selected by Lucky Iron Fish, Canada

Cynthia Lam (Overseas Apprentice selected by Lucky Iron Fish, Canada) I am very grateful to be chosen by Lucky Iron Fish to be an overseas apprentice with them. It has been a great experience with Leaders to Leaders program because just through these few days we got to talk to these global leaders and learn so much about entrepreneurship, impact assessment. It has been a very rewarding experience.


CoFounder of The Biz Nation, Columbia

Leaders to Leaders is truely an inspiring amazing experience, like I must say I have been in many programs around the world, but this one is different. It is disruptive, it is innovative. Every workshop is different, is dynamic and is active. Learning is huge, it is a significant experience for every young person who wishes to become a significant and impactful leader in the community.