The HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest 2021

The HKFYG Leadership Institute / The HKFYG Building
02 Nov, 2020 - 02 May, 2021 | 0:00 - 0:00
Secondary School Students

▼▼ Rules and Regulations for District Preliminary Rounds ▼▼

▼ ▼ Results Announcement ▼ ▼​​​​​​​

An email (and SMS) that contains: (a) reporting time on the Contest date, (b) photo ID upload form, (c) reminders about Rules and Regulations, and (d) comments by adjudicators, was sent to all District Semi-Finalists on midnight of 11 February 2021.

Please check your junk box / spam folder first if you cannot find the email. Make sure the mailbox you are checking is the one you used in your application and for previous correspondences.

If you still cannot find the email, please email us at with your full name, Contestant ID, contact details and an alternative email address.

For Rules and Regulations of District Semi-Finals, please navigate to the tab “District Semi-Finals” and view the detailed Rules and Regulations. A detailed walkthrough of the online Contest is also included in the Rules and Regulations.

▼▼ Rules and Regulations for District Semi-Finals ▼▼

Walkthrough of online Contest procedures included.

▼ ▼ Results Announcement ▼ ▼

Contestants who have successfully advanced to the District Finals will receive a email notification on 25 February 2021. 

Another email with reporting time and comments by adjudicators will be sent on 26 February 2021.

Rules and Regulations will be published on 26 February 2021 as well.

◆ Change in Contest Format ◆

The District Finals will again be conducted fully on Zoom. Arrangements will be similar to those of District Semi-Finals. 

During the 20-minute preparation time, Contestants will be required to keep their camera on and themselves in the video frame throughout the whole process. This is to ensure fairness and that Contestants’ speeches are solely written on their own. 

▼ ▼ Rules and Regulations for District Finals ▼ ▼

Updated on 2 March 2021. 
Please refer to Section II (b) (vii).

▼ ▼ Results Announcement ▼ ▼​​​​​​​

◆ To Grand Finalists ◆

An email will be sent to you on 10 March 2021, requiring you to submit a recent portrait and a few other documents by 12 March 2021. Please check your email by then.

◆ To District Finalists ◆

Comments by adjudicators will be sent to you by email in the next few weeks. We truly appreciate your efforts and participation!

▼▼ Speech Topics ▼▼

Theme and guiding questions were sent to all Grand Finalists by email on 13 March 2021.

▼▼ Rules and Regulations for Grand Finals ▼▼

Published on 14 March 2021

▼ ▼ Results ▼ ▼​​​​​​​


Champion : LEE, Mark Jin-Kang (Diocesan Boys' School)

1st Runner-up : NARAYANAN, Vijay Sathappan (Island School)

2nd Runner-up : WONG, Ying Chun Gladys (N.T. Heung Yee Kuk Yuen Long District Secondary School)

Merit Award : HUANG, Cynthia (Hong Kong International School)

Merit Award : CHAU, Hei Tung (Good Hope School)

Audience Favourite Award : CHAU, Hei Tung (Good Hope School)


Champion : KOO, Tin Chi Bill (Diocesan Boys’ School)

1st Runner-up : KUROSAWA, Yui (Hong Kong International School)

2nd Runner-up : YAU, Yeuk Laam (HKCCCU Logos Academy)

Merit Award : NG, Yuet Hei (Good Hope School)

Merit Award : LEE, Yat Kwan Hillary (Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School)

Audience Favourite Award: NG, Yuet Hei (Good Hope School)


Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary School

Good Hope School

Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College

Eligible Contestants will receive an email on the week of 12 April 2021.

For those who were unable to collect your certificate during the collection period due to the closure of The HKFYG Leadership Institute since Dec 2020, certificate collection will resume from 19 April 2021 until 21 May 2021. 

You MUST schedule a collection appointment before coming to the Institute, or else you may not be able to collect the certificate. 

Please note that the collection appoinment MUST be scheduled at least 2 days in advance. That means if you wish to collect your certificate on 21 May 2021, you will have to schedule the appointment no later than 19 May 2021. 

In light of the pandemic situation and for public health concerns, we also offer alternative methods for collection.  

1.     Receive the certificate by post (available until 25 April 2021)

2.     Send the Secretariat a return envelope (available until 21 May 2021)

Detailed instructions will be sent to participants by email on 11 April 2021. 

Participants are required to complete the necessary steps and provide relevant details before the designated deadlines. 

If we do not receive any requests from you by the designated deadlines, we will assume that you do not wish to collect the certificate. All uncollected certificates will be destroyed anytime after 21 May 2021.

The organiser reserves the right to change, modify and remove content and elements of the programme at any time without prior notice. The organizer reserves the right of final interpretation when disputes arise.

Last updated: 10/04/2021