"Hong Kong 200" Leadership Project 2024

Leadership Institute
01 Jul - 31 Aug, 2024 | 0:00 - 0:00
Secondary School Students
F4 - F6 Students

Here, you will be seen and heard.
Step beyond the school and exam system, implement your insights in practice, and unleash your unique influence!​​​​​​

Project Introduction

This year's "Hong Kong 200" Leadership Project ("the Project") aims to cultivate capable and discerning young leaders who are passionate and proactive in offering sound solutions for society from within and beyond the system across sectors. The project provides participants with the training, resources, and platform they need to take the first step in exploring the possibilities of public and political engagement.
​​​​​​​Participants will expand their horizons through Social Experiences and Dialogues with Leaders, keeping abreast of the latest societal developments. At the same time, they will master transferable skills through Skill Labs and Project-based Learning, preparing themselves for future development.

Project Framework

Participants will start with Hong Kong's public policies as the focus of project-based learning, supplemented by national and international perspectives, devising solutions and presenting them to the public.

This year's Project focuses on "Northern Metropolis" centering on "society" and approaching from Livelihood (Social & Political Sector) and Industry (Social & Business Sector) Aspect. This allows participants to understand the roles and relationships of 'society, politics, and commerce' settings in real world and to recognise how to collaborate across these sectors to create a positive impact.

Livelihood Aspect
(Social & Political Sector)

Learning Outcome:

Advocacy of Housing Policy Planning in the Youth Council


According to the "Northern Metropolis Action Agenda" the area will feature over 500,000 residential units. Participants will explore how housing design can achieve a salubrious Northern Metropolis

Industry Aspect
(Social & Business Sector)

Learning Outcome:

Public Exhibition of Art Works and Creation of Value


In accordance with the National 14th Five-Year Plan, Hong Kong is to become a hub for arts and cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world. Participants will engage the community through art and explore the symbiotic space between art and commerce

​​​​​​​The World Economic Forum's "Future of Jobs Report 2023" points out that:

  • Top 6 of the 'Top 10 Skills' and "Top 10 Skills on the Rise" all belong to Cognitive Skills, Self-efficacy, and Technological Literacy.

Therefore, participants will choose to learn 3 of 6 Core Skills and 1 of 2 Specialised Skills:

Core Skills

(choose 3 of 6)

People Skills

Building Influence

Setting Interview Agenda and Questions

Presenting Ideas

Hard Skills


Maker-centered Learning

Applying Artificial Intelligence


(1 of 2)

Social &
Political Sector

Policy Advocacy

Social &
Business Sector

Project Management

Orientation Camp


Social Experience

Advance Training

May 17



Meeting with Selection Panel Members

Jul - Aug


2024 Onwards



  • Be in Form 4 or above enrolled as full-time students in Hong Kong secondary schools (2023/2024 school year)
  • Be current or former holders of leadership positions WITHIN  and/or OUTSIDE  their schools (Leadership positions WITHIN schools include: Head Prefects, Prefects, Presidents and other Office Bearers of Student Unions, Chairpersons and other Office Bearers of Clubs or Societies, and Captains and other Office Bearers of Houses; Leadership positions OUTSIDE schools include: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and other Office Bearers)
  • Demonstrate a commitment to serve the community
  • Demonstrate good conduct and outstanding academic/extra-curricular performance and/or are award recipients
  • Have experience in volunteer work or community service
  • Demonstrate language proficiency and good communication skills
  • Be recommended by their school principal (The number of students that can be recommended by schools is unlimited, however, no more than 5 students from each school will be selected as participants) or apply through self-nomination

Alumni Sharing

Self-Enhancement and Learning

  • "The issues and skills involved in 'Hong Kong 200' are seldom encountered in everyday learning and life. It's like being given a mountain to climb, reaching one peak after another, continually challenging myself and achieving personal growth."

                               -- Neal Yeung, 2023 "Hong Kong 200" Participant   Teamwork

  • "The people here have a spark in their eyes; there's a fiery enthusiasm in everything we do."

                                -- Christy Ng, 2023 "Hong Kong 200" Participant                                                                                       

Skills Application

  • "After returning to school, I realized that the communication skills I learned in 'Hong Kong 200' are really applicable in many situations. I can reflect on what I did well and what could be improved during the training process and make adjustments accordingly."

                            -- Chan Man To, 2023 "Hong Kong 200" Participant


Participation Fee: HKD1,200
Deadline: 2 June (Sun) 23:59

For any enquiry, please email to SLS@leadershipinstitute.hk or dial 2169 0255
for Mr LO.