Make Your Choice

It is a choice, a concept and an attitude.  Through experiencing different simulation activities, participants will be able to learn the right attitude as well as skills in leadership.


Backwoods CookingS3-S6
Map Out FanlingS3-S6
Live-Action Role Play
Get the Points!S1-S6
Cook the MealS1-S2
Build the HouseS3-S6
Military ActionS3-S6
Angel and DevilS3-S6

Suggested Rundown

NoonWarm up Activities

Choose one activity from: 

  • Backwoods Cooking
  • Map Out Fanling
  • Live-Action Role Play
  • Cook the Meal


Choose one activity from: 

  • Get the Points!
  • Orienteering
  • Build the House
  • Military Action
  • Angel and Devil



Min. participatns: 26 - 40 students

Price (per head): HK$600-HK$700


If you have any enquiries, please fill in the form (Chinese version only).

*Office hour: Monday-Friday, 10:00-18:00 (lunch hour: 13:00-14:00)

Backwoods Cooking

Testing  your problem solving and teamwork skills by using limited resources to cook.​​​​​​​


Target: S3-S6​​​​​​​

Map Out Fanling

Using map to find your way out in Fanling. 

Target: S3-S6

Live-Action Role Play

Engaging in role-play activities to complete different tasks to achieve common goals. ​​​​​​​


Get the Points!

Completing different tasks around the historic site. 


Target: S1-S6

Cook the Meal 

Preparing your dinner with limited resources. ​​​​​​​

Target: S1-S2


Navigating from point to point to improve group decision making skill.

Target: S1-S6

Build the House

Building a house with team with assigned resources. 


Target: S3-S6

Military Action

Building negotiation, observation and probelm-solving skills. ​​​​​​​

Target: S3-S6

Angel and Devil

Building trust inside a team and boost collaboration. 


Target: S3-S6

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