Summer Programmes for Secondary School Students 2024

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Summer School for Young Diplomats

Students will involve in diplomacy simulation games and participate in a 24-hour live competition. The programme also includes a series of lectures and workshops, covering China's "Belt and Road" initiative, international diplomatic conflict negotiations and policy lobbying, providing comprehensive knowledge of international affairs. The Institute also collaborates with the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the HKSAR and the Red Cross to lead students in understanding diplomatic affairs and humanitarian work.

Target: Students entering S3 to S6, interested in social sciences, international affairs, and expanding their international outlook


Summer School for Global Leadership 2024 –
AI for Sustainability

AI and sustainability are the trends in university subjects and corporate development. The summer school integrates these two aspects, allowing students to learn how to use AI to solve environmental problems through four major AI workshops, university visits, and lectures. The summer school also brings together youths from around the world, such as Kazakhstan and Nepal, offering students an opportunity to engage in cross-cultural exchanges in an all-English environment.

Target: Students entering S4 to S6, interested in studying green technology-related subjects and understanding artificial intelligence


Summer School - Be the Next English News Anchors

Interviewing and storytelling skills in journalism are highly useful in everyday reporting, interviews, and writing reports. The summer school incorporates fundamental journalism into English training and invites guest lecturers, including a senior editor from the South China Morning Post and an experienced media professional from TV station, to enhance students' interview and writing skills with a journalist's mindset, giving them an edge in the future.

Target: Students entering S3 to S6, interested in studying journalism, media subjects, or improving their English communication skills

“Hong Kong 200” Leadership Project 2024

This year's "Hong Kong 200" Leadership Project aims to cultivate capable and discerning young leaders who are passionate and proactive in offering sound solutions for society from within and beyond the system across sectors. Participants may take their first step in exploring the possibilities of public and political engagement. ​​​​​​​

Participants will expand their horizons through “Social Experiences” and “Dialogues with Leaders”, keeping abreast of the latest societal developments. At the same time, they will master transferable skills through “skill labs” and “project-based learning” that focuses on Hong Kong's public policies, preparing themselves for future development.

Target: S4 -S6​​​​​​​

Student Leadership Taster Courses –
​​​​​​​Wellness Generation and Mindfulness

Participants will learn different concepts related to the four techniques in wellness and mindfulness to build their self-awareness in their leadership performance.

Target: Promoting to S2 - S6

Student Leadership Taster Courses –
​​​​​​​Brand-New Adventure-Based Training

Through newly designed challenges of team building, problem solving and communication, participants will understand major concepts of successful teamwork and learn how to collaborate, communicate and solve problems in different circumstances.

Target: Promoting to S2 - S6

Student Leadership Taster Courses –
​​​​​​​Team Problem-Solving Challenge – Jail Cell

Through taking problem-solving aptitude tests and jail cell team challenges, participants will learn key creative problem-solving concepts and build their understanding of their own capacity.

Target: Promoting to S4 - S6

Youth LegCo –
​​​​​​​Policy Training Certificate Programme

By taking part in public policy discussion training and mock LegCo, participants will enhance their public policy discussion skills such as perspective thinking, rational evaluation, constructive discussion, idea presentation, progressive speaking and debating skills.

Target: Promoting to S4 - S6

Student Leadership Taster Courses –
Accessibility Experience and Problem Solving

Participants will experience the daily lives of people in wheelchairs to understand their difficulties and try to solve these difficulties through STEM.

Target: Promoting to S3 - S6

Student Leadership Taster Courses –
Programme Designer and Executive

Through case studies, investigating possible problems in actual design and execution processes, participants will sharpen their practical knowledge and leadership skills in planning large-scale events. A self-lab will also be arranged to provide practicums for participants with instant performance feedback.

Target: Promoting to S4 - S6​​​​​​​

Student Leadership Taster Courses –
Global Citizen Rookies

The course equips participants with global knowledge and values through interactive workshops, broadening their national and global perspectives.

Target: Promoting to S2 - S6

Student Leadership Taster Courses –
The Destiny of the Sim-City

By knowing the differences between values and rules, participants can understand their thinking modes, policy analysis processes and related considerations. Familiarising oneself with meeting procedures and rules can help participants practise critical thinking and express opinions confidently from multiple perspectives.

Target: Promoting to S4 - S6

Student Leadership Taster Courses – 2030 SDGs Game

Participants will learn about the concept of “United Nations Sustainable Development Goals” and reflect on their personal values through tabletop games and group discussions. They will learn how to plan actions for implementing the sustainable development goals.

Target: Promoting to S3 - S6

Student Leadership Taster Courses – Court Decode

Participants are required to complete all challenges and decrypt the ultimate code in the Old Court within the time limit. Participants will learn key theories and steps of creative problem solving and understand their capacities in problem solving. Participants can also enhance their leadership and communication skills through collaborating with their teammates.

Target: Promoting to S4 - S6

Cultural Ambassadors Programme

Through systematic training and cultural preservation, participants will be encouraged to promote Hong Kong history and preserve traditional culture. The programme also focuses on nurturing participants’ various audience-oriented communication styles and adaptability to changes, enhancing their speaking and communication skills.

Target: 15 years old or above

Student Leadership Taster Courses –
Team Communication Half-Day Camp

Through different team challenges, participants can strengthen the bonds among team members and enhance their communication, expression and clarification skills.

Target: Promoting to S2 - S6

Student Leadership Taster Courses – Speaking Studio

Through learning speech writing and fundamental public speaking skills, participants will develop confidence and interests in public speaking.

Target: Promoting to S2 - S6​​​​​​​