The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
 English Public Speaking Contest 2022

Rules and Regulations
District Preliminary Rounds

1. Contest Format

    1. Definition of District

Each Contestant will be allocated to one of the five districts, i.e., New Territories East, New Territories West, Kowloon East, Kowloon West & Hong Kong Island (including outlying islands), based on their respective school location.

    1. Types of Speech

Contestants are required to deliver a 3-minute prepared speech on a self-selected topic. Contestants should try to fully utilise the allotted time but must not go over it, since overrunning is a breach of this rule and may incur a mark penalty.

    1. Contest Video Requirement
  1. Contest video submission period starts from 31 January 2022 to 19 February 2022. The guide to video submission will be published on the Contest website in due course. Reminder emails will also be sent to all Contestants and teachers in charge at least a week in advance of the start of the submission period.

  1. Late submission will NOT be accepted.

Late Submission will NOT be considered. Contestants should avoid last-minute submission in order not to miss the deadline due to possible congestion of network traffic.

  1. Multiple submissions will NOT be accepted. 

Each Contestant should only submit one Contest video. In the event of multiple submissions, only the first submission will be adjudicated.

  1. The Contest video must be a single shot video footage. 

The Contest video must be a single shot video footage. Post-production, such as video editing, voice-over, overlapping soundtracks, applying filters or transition effects, inserting text, subtitles, or images, adjusting colours or lighting, etc., are strictly forbidden. Contestants in breach of this rule will be disqualified.

  1. Contestants must name their file following the format below:

Contestant ID_Contest District_Full Name

  1. Please include your Contestant ID in the file name. The Contestant ID has been sent to your email together with the submission form
  2. Please type your surname all in capital letters
  3. Please include your district abbreviation in the file name.

e.g. S0000_KLN West_CHAN Ka Man Chris

Districts and Abbreviations

Hong Kong Island  –  HK Island
Kowloon East  –  KLN East
Kowloon West   –  KLN West
New Territories East   –  NT East
New Territories West  –  NT West

  1. Contest video must be in mov or mp4 format.  

  1. Contest video must be viewable with a minimum resolution of 720p (1280×720).

  1. It is strongly advised that Contestants should film the Contest video in either 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio, i.e., landscape.

  1. It is strongly suggested that the Contestant should set up the filming device to capture and frame a “front” angle of the Contestant from about waist up.

  1. The Contest video should clearly show the full appearance and actions of the Contestants. 

  1. Wearing of a surgical mask during speech delivery will largely affect judging. Contestants are therefore strongly advised to film their speeches with their masks off in a safe, quiet, and undisturbed place, preferably indoors.

  1. Contestants should make sure that their voices in the recording is clearly audible, and the audio should synchronise with the video. Adding a voice-over audio track is NOT permissible.

    1. Originality of Speech

Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. Every speech must be original. Contestants must not share their speeches in any way or form with other Contestants. Those in breach of this rule will be disqualified.

    1. Mention of School

Contestants are NOT allowed to disclose their schools by any means, both implicitly and explicitly, to the adjudicators at all times. For example, wearing of a school cardigan that reveals   the school logo would be considered a violation of this rule and the following rule. Contestants in breach of the rules of the Contest will result in mark penalty.

    1. Attire

Contestants are NOT allowed to wear school uniforms or any attire that may indicate their schools at the Contest; Contestants in breach of this rule will receive a mark penalty.

Contestants should exercise their own discretion as to what is the appropriate attire. They are however advised to attend the rounds in business casual attire.

    1. Use of Props and Cue Cards

Contestants are not allowed to use any props during the delivery of the speech. Contestants in breach of this rule will be disqualified.

Contestants can use cue cards at their own discretion.

2. Contest Details

    1. Judging Panel

A judging panel usually consists of 2-3 adjudicators. All adjudicators will be required to sign a Statement of Confidentiality and to declare any conflicts of interest.

    1. Judging Criteria

Contestants’ performance will be assessed based on the following criteria:

      • Substance of Speech (50%)
      • Style and Techniques (30%)
      • General Effectiveness (20%)

    1. Progression of Contest

The 1st to 8th place of each session will go into the District Semi-finals. The adjudicators’ decision for the results of the District Preliminary Rounds should be final. Certificates will be awarded according to their results in the District Semi-finals.

Contestants in the 9th and 10th places of each session will be awarded “Certificates of Good Performance”. The rest of the Contestants will be awarded “Certificates of Participation”.

3. Announcement of Results

Contestants should visit the Contest website ( and check their emails regularly for schedules and updates.

Results of the District Preliminary Rounds are tentatively to be announced on the Contest website by 23:59, 4 March 2022 (Friday).

Contestants who successfully pass the District Preliminary Rounds as the top EIGHT (8) of the session will be notified by email of their results and hence their eligibility to proceed to the District Semi-finals. Comments by adjudicators will be sent to District Semi-finalists in the week following the announcement of results of the District Preliminary Rounds.

Other Contestants shall receive the comments by email in the following weeks.

4. Disclaimer

The adjudicators’ decisions for the results of all rounds of Contest is final.

The Secretariat of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups English Public Speaking Contest (“the Secretariat”) reserves the rights to make changes, modification, and amendment without any prior notice. In event of other disputes, decisions by the Secretariat shall be final and conclusive.

5. Enquiries

    1. Secretariat: The HKFYG Leadership Institute

    1. Address: 302 Jockey Club Road, Fanling, New Territories

    1. Email:

(Please add to your Safe Senders List so as not to miss any emails or updates from the Secretariat.)

    1. Contact Number: (852) 2169-0255
      Note: due to special work arrangement, there may be delay in response to phone enquiries. For enquiries,
      please contact the Secretariat by email and send a brief description of the issue, with contact details included.

    1. WhatsApp Number: (852) 9307 4315 (with limited access only)

    1. Website:

    1. Office Hours:  In view of the latest social distancing measures announced by the Government, The HKFYG Leadership Institute will be closed from 7 January to 17 February. Details

Last revision date: 26 January 2022