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Public Speaking

Mission and vision

The Ambassadors Programme consists of well-trained volunteers who strive to promote public speaking among young people in Hong Kong. By visiting different schools and organising various workshops, the Ambassadors promote the joy of learning and using English to the younger section of Hong Kong by peer-sharing. We hope to continue serving young people in Hong Kong whilst promoting the art of public speaking in the years to come.

Meet our ambassadors

Our ambassadors are all well-trained instructors and are winners of local, regional, and international competitions. With a variety of backgrounds in our ambassador team, we cater to students with different needs and strive to promote our services with the highest calibre.

Cyrena SO

Alumna of EPS Contest
City University of Hong Kong

Geoff LO

Alumus of EPS Contest
The University of Hong Kong

Tiffany FUNG

Alumna of EPS Contest
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Gregory WONG

Alumnus of EPS Contest
University of Chicago

Become an English Ambassador

  • Secondary school students of S4 or above, and Year 1 or 2 university students
  • Passionate about public speaking/debating
  • Eager to meet new people
  • Experience in public speaking and/or debating
  • Able to commit themselves to the programme until October 2021
  • Outstanding participants (district finalists or above) of The HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest (EPS) are invited to join
  • Students who are passionate about public speaking/debating are welcome to join, a training fee of HK$500 applies

Request for a workshop at your school

Types of Training

  • Generic public speaking training
  • DSE oral exam prep workshop
  • Bespoke workshops

Fees for bespoke workshops vary. Please email us for more details.



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