Leadership Skills

Innovative, comprehensive leadership training gives students who range from upper primary schoolchildren to young executives the experience of taking up leadership roles and applying leadership skills. The School also actively engages key stakeholders such as parents and teachers who care deeply about youth leadership development. It aims are:
  • To build excellence, intelligence and commitment
  • To increase competencies in communication and public speaking; analysis and problem-solving; team-building and conflict management; investigation and research
  • To reinforce a vision for the future based on sustainability and development; technology and innovation; governance and ethics
  • To strengthen the sense of duty to serve and contribute to community for positive change.

Key Achievements


Young leaders impacted (from secondary students to working youth) until now with approximately 1.3 million training hours provided

Local Secondary Schools Participated in our programmes

Secondary schools principals nominated students to join our programmes


Engaged in our programmes


leadership trainers, facilitators and group leaders were trained and provided with practicum opportunities

Featured Programmes

Hong Kong 200

Empowering 200 outstanding senior secondary school students as change makers who connect for social benefit.

Taster Program

Cultivating and exploring students' leadership potential and interest via different tasks.

Hack the Crisis.Beyond Insights - Leadership Certificate Course

Enhancing participants’ emotional intelligence (EQ), adversity intelligence (AQ) and spiritual intelligence (SQ). Participants will be able to adjust their mentality and practise leadership skills when face with challenges and difficulties.

"I-Leader" Series

Launching a brand new online leadership training series - "I-Leader" Series, which provides online training (iLearn) of basic leadership theories and skills with flexibility. 

Our Partners/Alumni

Bonnie Chiu

  • Participant of “HK200” Leadership Project 2008

  • Founded her social enterprise – Lensational in 2013

  • Selected as one of the “Forbes 30 under 30 Europe” in 2017

Peann Tam

  • Participant of “HK200” Leadership Project 2007

  • Founded her social enterprise – Eco-greenergy in 2014