Student Leadership Taster Programmes

Special Arrangement

Due to the latest development of the pandemic, the class arrangment has been adjusted as follows.

  • "Personal Expression Enhancement - Public speaking" on 18 July will be taught online. Students who want to participate in physical form can transfer to the second class in October 2020 or the third class in February 2021.

  • The first class of "Team Problem Solving Challenge - Jail Cell" on 25 July and the first class of "Cultural Detective" on 26 July will be delayed or cancelled. Students who want to participate can transfer to the second or third class


The Taster Programmes aim at cultivating and exploring students' leadership potential and interest via different tasks. After completion, students would be empowered and eligible for other advanced leadership programmes.


Leadership Potential

The course provides different leadership skillsets, which enable participants to evoke their leadership potential and cooperating ability.

Forward Thinking

It focuses on diffferent learning methods and mindsets allowing participants to create their future.

Life Experiencing

Through constructive discussions and activities, participants will be able to understand various social issues with a holistic perspective and be more encouraged to serve others.

Practical Skills

By learning diversified practical skills, participants can apply their knowledge in their daily lives.

Programme Features

  • Flexible Scheduling with Progression Pathways
  • Diversity and Full of Fun
  • With learning reports
  • Be awarded with a Certificate of Participation*

*Participants completing four programmes will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion.