SCOLAR English Alliance 2023/24 - Gen Z Communication Studio

1 year
The HKFYG Leadership Institute
01 Jan - 31 Aug, 2024 | 0:00 - 0:00
Secondary School Students

About the Programme

"Gen-Z Communication Studio" is a programme which aims to empower young people through developing their competencies at communicating in English. Supported by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) and funded by the Language Fund, the programme strives to strengthen participants' effective communication, logical reasoning, and empathetic leadership. Through a series of interactive and creative workshops and training sessions, it sparks students' interest in English while improving their abilities to communicate confidently. By helping students become capable communicators, we hope to enable them to unlock more opportunities of their own.

Highly Applicable Skills

Effective communication, logical reasoning, and empathetic leadership are practical skills that can be applied to various situations and workplaces.

Structured and Progressive Learning Pathway

A 3-tier learning structure with well-defined intended learning outcomes, from elementary to intermediate to advanced levels.

Experienced and Professional Trainers

Trainers are carefully selected based on their expertise in the subject area and track record of delivering effective training.

Project Structure
[Programme Schedule]

(FYG01S) "Speaking for All" School Workshops
A series of elementary-level workshops that aim to spark students' initial interest and equip them with fundamental skills and techniques in public speaking through the lens of popular culture.
[Course Summary]

(FYG02S) Exposure Activities: Public Speaking Enhancement Training
An elementary-level public speaking enhancement training programme that is designed to prepare students who are interested in joining public speaking competitions. 
[Course Summary]

(FYG03S) Chamber Debate Club and Annual Chamber Debate
An intermediate-level debate training programme that aims to level up students' communication skills in English and further develop their ability in logical reasoning. 
[Course Summary]

(FYG04S) The Youth Boardroom
An advanced-level communication training programme that aims to develop students' facilitation and mediation skills as well as cultivate empathetic leadership by engaging with multiple perspectives. 
[Course Summary]

(FYG01T) "Train-the-Trainer" Workshops for Teachers
A series of professional development workshops for teachers that aim to support teachers with ideas to encourage students' autonomy and self-confidence in developing their communication competencies.
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The Secretariat | Mr Jerry LAU

Tel: (852) 2169 0255


Office Hours: Mondays to Fridays, except public holidays 10:00-13:00 | 14:00-18:00

Consent to Use of Image

  • Videos or photographs of students' likenesses, poses, acts, and appearances, sound recordings of students' voices, or soundtracks (collectively "images") will be taken during the activities of the Gen-Z Communication Studio programme. 

  • Those images may be used, reproduced, exhibited, displayed, broadcast, and/or distributed via any media now known or later developed for any purposes of marketing or record-keeping of the HKFYG and the funding body(which may include printed or electronic publications or advertisements, research or presentation materials, websites, social media posts, newspaper articles, TV or radio broadcasts).
  • The copyright and other intellectual property rights in materials containing any images for any of the aforesaid use shall belong to the HKFYG.