The HKFYG Leadership Institute

Hong Kong needs home-grown leaders for the rule of law, economic prosperity, social stability, civic-mindedness and service to the community, they need numerous future skills and attributes.

The HKFYG Leadership Institute is dedicated to creating a new generation of leaders for Hong Kong; 200,000 have been trained since 2000.

The home of the HKFYG Leadership Institute is the historic former Fanling Magistracy, revitalised under the Batch III of Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme. It combines the heritage of a graceful colonial building, opened in 1961, with immersive and interactive technology. Young people will be engaged and involved in high-quality programmes, inter-cultural exchanges and hands-on experiences to enhance their intellect, responsibility and service locally, nationally and globally.

Leadership Training
The HKFYG advocates six future skills, strengthening youth’s hard and soft skills to grow and develop in the new normal. The Institute offers training programmes in four main themes, namely Sustainability Leadership, Service Leadership, Resilience Leadership and Communication and CollaborationSignature programmes are also provided.

Building on the solid foundation of leadership training with a clear development pipeline, the Institute provides training for young people from primary school to tertiary institutes to those in the workplace. Through our meticulously designed curriculum, young leaders are empowered to take up leadership roles and Make Wonders.

The HKFYG Leadership Institute Booklet


To ensure that Hong Kong can draw upon a talented pool of competent and committed young leaders, ready and able to serve


Will build on pioneering leadership training, through theory and practice. Young leaders will be engaged, stimulated and involved in high quality programmes, inter-cultural exchanges and hands on experiences to enhance intellect and civic mindedness, responsibility and service: locally, nationally and globally


Youth Leaders

Local Secondary Schools Engaged

International Schools

University Engaged


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